Because the development of a website is not enough to drive business, I.T. publisher offers a one-stop-shop for your marketing requirements as well. This is covered across three major areas listed below.
  • Search Engine Campaign:

Let I.T. publisher manage your whole search campaign from start to finish. With a high degree of accuracy we can position your business name in high placement in the major Tier 1 search engines like Goole,yahoo,ect.. On an ongoing basis we:
  *Optimize your keywords
  *Create ads and then submit this content to the search engines
  *Report the activity to you on a daily basis
  *Partner with you to measure the return on your investment in the campaign

  • Internet Marketing:
  In order to complement the Search Engine Campaign we provide:
  *Website traffic reports
  *Competitive analysis across websites
  *Reciprocating website links
  *Banner ads
  *Mass e-mail campaigns
  *Logo development
  • Paper Media:
  I.T. publisher will also create and manage your printed media requirements as listed below:
  *Business cards
  *Mass mailings
The globe of Internet Marketing is dynamic. The search engines are a constantly changing their services and the criteria for top positioning. How can I.T. publisher help you?
What type of website is fitting for my business. Should I be concerned with E-Commerce? We invite you to use our Inquiry page to get answers
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