We have included a list of our more recently built sites. All  sites are maintained by ITpublisher as well. Please note that many data driven sites for our customers are built by us but are secure and not available to the general public. References and special permissions are available upon request.

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Delta Propeller Co.
Delta is a fast growing marine propeller sales and repair company who recently expanded into E-Commerce. Customers can shop, purchase and track orders on-line in this extremely user friendly site. This site's administrative back end provides inventory management, real time freight calculation and is fully manageable by the client.

Leesburg Community Apartments.
The Leesburg Community Apartments is a newcomer to the web but is alread attracting the attention of renters across the Greater Cincinnati area. Take a virtual tour through their many floor plans and designs.

The Foxwood Apartments
This apartment complex serves its tenants and attracts new applications by providing a wide variety of on line information like rules, rates, maps, attractions and a virtual tour.

Skyline Chili on the West Side
Skyline of the West Side features on-line catering requests specific to customer locations and up-to-date restaurant promotionals. Be sure to check it out.

High Tech Connections
World wide exposure and ready to download brochures of hundreds of products and product features is the mission of this site.

The Bellevue House Apts.
The Bellevue House Apartments are located a few blocks from the University of Cincinnati and cater to student life. The web site provides ready access to a virtual tour, floor plans, rates and newsletters. Last but not least, the site is available in English, Spanish and Korean.
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